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Services Offered 
De-Stress- this relaxing and circulation enhancing massage is an ideal way to comfort and rejuvenate a tired mind and body.
Deep Tissue- using firmer pressure and neuromuscular techniques, this massage is specifically focused to help relieve stressed areas and chronic pain.
1/2 hour- $35
1 hour- $60
1 1/2 hour- $90.00


Warm Stones- smooth New England beach stones hold the grounding energy of the earth. Heated in a hot water bath, the stones are used to warm the soul and melt away tension.
1 hour 15 minutes- $85

Reiki- (ray-key) this gentle and fully clothed treatment is a wonderful way to recharge.  Based on an ancient healing system that uses light hand placements, Universal Life Energy is used to promote balance and healing for physical, mental and emotional stress.

1/2 hour- $25
Couple's Massage- for you and yours (mother/daughter, husband/wife,etc.). Two therapists and two massage tables all in one room ~A special way to pass the time and relax together.
1 hour- $120
1 1/2 hour- $180

 Add Something Special to your massage -

Aromatherapy          $5 

 Reflexology Spa Treatment         $25

 Warm Stones (a few stones for a problem area)     $5


On-site Seated Massage- utilizes Swedish and acupressure techniques to relieve tension. Sit in a specially designed chair while fully clothed and never get oily. Great for baby showers, bachelorette parties and the work place.  This massage is done anywhere from 10 to 20 minute sessions. We'll come to you.  Please ask for pricing.

Gift Certificates available.

Currently accepting cash and check only.