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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
Helps relieve muscle tension & stiffness, improves joint flexibility and posture.
Improves circulation and promotes deeper & easier breathing.
Promotes a more restful sleep.
Helps relieve stress, aids relaxation and reduces levels of anxiety.
Increases awareness of mind-body connection.
Aids the healing process by strengthening the immune system and encouraging a positive sense of well-being.
Touch is a vital part of human development and our ability to thrive. Massage provides us with safe nurturing and positive human connection. Massage can be a powerful contributor to the success of one’s wellness program. It is great for all ages whether for a specific condition or for general health maintenance and relaxation.
      I first began massage therapy as a way to 'loosen up' those tight muscles to improve my chiropractic adjustments.  Not only did it help to that end but I quickly realized that by relieving my body of muscular tension it worked and felt better during my daily activities.
 Regular massage also has the added bonus of quieting the mind in this over stimulated society of today. Hands2Heel creates an atmosphere to do just that.  Sara's passion to provide wellness to her clients is a reflection of her caring and positive nature which allows me to relax and take a little time 'away from it all.'  After a great massage I'm ready to take on the world again! ~John C.

Referrals are the highest compliment you can give to us.  Thank you in advance for sharing your experience with others.