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MASSAGE - Now, More Than Ever


      You know the saying "When you have your health, you have just about everythin."  Investing in the long term is more important than when you are making day-to-day decisions about your health. Every choice you make that favors your health and good habits today translates into better health tomorrow.


     Most of you already know the value of a great massage because you've already tried it, and if you do, good for you (literally!). For all the short-term stress and pain relief and the relaxation you experience now, there are lasting rewards you'll thank yourself for down the road. Massage therapy as ongoing care can mean fewer visits to the doctor, as well as fewer prescriptions, co-pays and over-the-counter medications.


     As you plan your budget, ponder how massage therapy impacts your ability to make good decisions, cope with extra responsibilities, and maintain harmonious relationships with family, friends and stay on an even keel emotionally and spiritually.


    Research supports the value of massage. It has been shown to:


v Boost Immune System.

v Improve circulation, concentration, energy, self-esteem and sleep.

v Reduce anxiety, fatigue, and the frequency of headaches.

v Improves range of motion and decreases lower back pain.

v Reduces stress, the cause of nearly 90 percent of diseases we face.

Stimulates lymph flow and supports the body's natural process of detoxification.


     There are many ways to keep massage in your life if you use your imagination.  More and more Americans are staying home, or staying a least closer to home. How about planning a healthy, home-based vacation and including massage as part of your relaxation?


     When it comes to gift-giving occasions, why not give and ask for massage certificates?


     The better you feel the better job you can do of caring for yourself and your loved ones. Massage therapy will also help families under stress create healthier households and more focused and relaxed moms and dads.




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